Automatic Winding Machine


Available Wire Dia: 0.1~1.2mm
Coil Dia: Max. 240mm
R.P.M.: Max. 2400RPM
Program Memory: Max.99 9 Sections
Speed: 3000/RPM




The winding machine is suitable for minimum winding 24 pcs of coils simultaneously. The feeding
speed of wire arrangement can be selected simultaneously according to diameter of wire or any
pre-set speed.




·        Operation: AC Motor

·        Motor: 3phase, 0.4kw or 0.75kw

·        Dimension: 1300(L) x 1050(W) x 1200(H)mm

·        Weight: 250kgs



·        This machine is equipped with microprocessor of single chip CPU type to ensure its
operation in high durability, stability and safety condition.

·        A battery-free design is equipped for the interior memory system of microprocessor to
avoid inconvenience of battery life limitation.

·        Feeding speed is adjustable automatically according to wire diameter.

·        The speed of main spindle can be adjusted continually.

·        It has 1000 sections memory function.

·        Power off memory system.

·        Initial point can be found manually.

·        Two-way setting of row lines.

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